What we do

Our offered services is prepared to assist you with all your AI and analytical needs

1. Data discovery and investigation

In this phase we will evaluate and organize your data into a format appropriate for use in data exploration and AI concepts.  This can include the identification of supplemental datasets beneficial to the interpretation, or the development of customizable dashboards, and reporting on what the data reveals (correlations, etc) for various levels of management.

2. Creation of prototype/proof of concept

With data in hand and with a general idea of how your firm wants to leverage AI, we can develop custom models to determine the efficacy of your data to perform prediction, classification, automation, or other intents. These can be used for investor, angel, or VC meetings, or to guide larger engagements on improving and scaling your AI systems. We can also transition AI projects to newer technologies and techniques.

3. Full-service AI development and management

Using best-in-class industry standards, tools, and languages, engineered for use on prem or in scalable cloud services, we can build and manage your AI solution. We can integrate our team directly into your organizational workflow, operating as trusted in-house members of your analytical team.

4. Developing in-house expertise and analytics teams

Are you interested in creating an internal team of data scientists and experts? Genitive has deep ties with top-tier academic institutions and can support the recruitment and training of diverse and competent data science teams.

5. Training and development

We offer synchronous or asynchronous training tuned to the specific AI needs of your team and delivered by seasoned educators and business professionals.

6. AI business strategy

We can work to develop analytic roadmaps for your organization, identifying alignment, evaluating market opportunity, and identifying options for revenue generation.

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